Bulverde is a retreat from the chaotic and—at times—impersonal city lifestyle. However, a drawback of this small town is how easily insects, rodents, and other nuisances can outnumber our modest population. Thankfully, our team at Authority Pest Control delivers complete protection from all pests invading your home or business, empowering you to take back your personal sanctuary and keep it pest free all year.

When you turn to us, you get more than successful solutions. We prioritize each job with honesty, integrity, safety, and quick service. You won’t have to wait long for Authority Pest Control to get rid of pests. Give us a call and we’ll be at your door ASAP!

Pest Control in Bulverde

When your serenity is threatened by pests, we’re here to bring you peace. Our pest control methods are both highly efficient and grounded by an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. We get rid of pests using the safest ways available so you don’t have to worry about our treatments making your home or business unsafe for its residents for any amount of time.

Our Pest Control Services Include:

  • One-time Service – perfect for outdoor events or minor infestations
  • Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Inspection – a surefire way to identify a termite infestation before real damage is done
  • Termite Control Treatments
  • In2Care Mosquito Control – chemical-free trap installed on your property

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Mosquito Control in Bulverde

Enjoy a bite-free summer with our mosquito control service. Monthly treatments keep these bloodthirsty insects from using your yard as a breeding ground and greatly reduce the chance of mosquito-borne viruses infecting you and your loved ones.

We Get Rid of Mosquitoes With Safe, Environmentally Friendly Products!

Our effective mosquito control methods eradicate mosquitoes and fire ants while keeping your space safe for pets and outdoor activities.

  • Limited insecticide applications.
  • Stops the reproductive cycle.
  • Kills all stages of a mosquito’s life cycle, including eggs. 

Rodent Control in Bulverde

Although the world is split between those who think mice and rats are cute and those who can’t stand the sight of them, everyone agrees these critters don’t belong in your home or business. Professional rodent control stops these furry pests from structure damage, disease transmission, and contaminating your food pantry.

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Professional Rodent Control is the Way to Go!

Our specialized rodent removal service doesn’t rely on harmful treatments at the cost of your family’s health. We treat your property and those who live in it with the utmost respect and care by using low toxicity products that won’t make your home hazardous to little lungs and exploring paws during treatments.

Termite Control in Bulverde

Even suspecting a termite infestation calls for a professional inspection. Early signs of termites include: 

  • Warped windows or door frames.
  • Discarded wings.
  • Buckling wood.
  • Mud tubes.
  • Termite droppings.

If you’ve discovered any of these signs and need to reinstate your peace of mind, call us for superior termite control. Our expert WDI Inspection will not only identify if you have a problem; it will also assess any damage and provide the info we need to get to work on solving your termite problem as quickly as possible.

Commercial Pest Control in Bulverde

Pest infestations are severely harmful to business and commercial properties. Aside from risking structural damage and disease transmission to your employees, the sight of a mouse scurrying along a shelf or a cockroach in the kitchen is enough to cost business thousands in profit alone.

We offer commercial pest control services to eliminate any pests that are plaguing your building along with long-lasting prevention. Don’t risk your business’ reputation by allowing pests to run rampant any longer. Call Authority Pest Control today at 830-660-1281!